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Window Cleaning


We currently only offer one off window cleaning services. If you only need once in a while window cleaning, or just a one off deep clean then this service is for you.

Window Cleaning 1-3 Storey
Door Cleaning
Sky Lights & Solar Panels
Set Price - Max Quantity 10


Our vans are only fitted with limited purified water tanks to finish off extended cleaning services and short rounds of window cleans. We welcome all customers with one off or deep clean requirements. A subscription service will later be available for customers who have had their first clean.

Our operators will come in the next available slot to clean your windows and post a delivery note through your door.


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Pre sale questions, answered.

Feel free to ask us any questions we haven’t answered here!

Absolutely nobody. Not even us. If you want your windows cleaning then please book on the website. We do not take bookings over the telephone. Specify how many units need cleaning and if you’re happy with the price then get booked in. 

We’ve waited months for payment for our window cleaning services and we’re not doing it anymore. If you’re looking for a reliable window cleaner to come on demand, then this new system makes it easier than ever before. 

Barrow Blasters are trying something new but keeping it simple. We may introduce scheduled cleans in the future if its what a wholesome number want. 

We plan to do our window cleaning every Saturday and Sunday for convenience but also to fit around our other work commitments. Some evening shifts will be put on if orders are plentiful. 

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