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Moss on roofs is a common problem, but not only is it an unsightly addition to your home, but it can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your roof. Moss can bore through granite and can force tiles out of place. Freeze thaw cycles break down building materials which can led to expensive repairs. But above all, a clean roof just looks good & stops your gutters getting blocked on the regular.

Roof Cleaning

The ney sayers and roofers will all tell you that roof cleaning does damage to your roof. And they’d be right… if we didn’t use the world class equipment and have the experience we do. Our ThermaTech, designed for restoring historic monuments makes light work of cement roof tiles. Making properties transform look their best is what we do. 

Young roof cleaning companies with only a metal scraper in their inventory will tell you softwashing is the only option. The truth is, we have all the options when it comes to cleaning your roof, and we always select the safest tools to do the job, giving customers on the day results that reduce the need for a new roof, setting off a property.



Dosatron ThermaTech




Our Approach

We take each roof by their individual merits and have countless ways of guaranteeing any roof cleaning project gets completed to the highest standard.

From a metal scrape (that we only ever use on 1 type of tile) to a full steam down or acid wash. All roof cleans are completed by applying biocidal applications as stanard. So once we have cleaned your roof we, put down a biocidal treatment which activates each time its rains to keep your roof clean.

An occasional spray will keep your roof from ever need to be steam cleaned again, as part of a maintenance program.

Check our video sections for more demonstrations of the range of tools we use to guarantee your roof cleaning requirements are done to the highest safety standards.

I called them for a problem and to my surprise they showed up within 2 hours and fixed in no time.

John Smith

Roofing Mechanic

Large driveway & grounds power wash with biocidal treatment to prevent moss growth ...

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Clean roof > lichen & moss ...

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Roof clean✌️ ...

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Roof clean ✌️ ...

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The key to our cleaning success. Built for heritage conservation, the ThermaTech by Restorative Techniques is the pinnacle for cleaning and conservation ...

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Allowed to grow out of control for decades, overgrown garden was pulling down the plastics and the shed, now it’s a usable space that will hopefully now be kept on top of ...

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It’s easy to see why house proud people have their roofs cleaned. Often the final touch for many, this roof now looks 30 years younger ...

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This garden space went from grime to fine in a standard grounds power washing procedure. Biocide treatments will remove the contaminants that’s been allowed to dwell in the porosity over the next few weather cycles to make surfaces 10/10 ...

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Render softwash ...

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Render Softwash ...

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Render Softwash ...

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Roof cleaning in Dalton ...

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Benefits Of Cleaning your building

We take pride in perfection; pride by producing a first-quality service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Extended Roof Life

Moss can bore through granite while debris can cause water ingress & severe problems.

Damage Control

Avoid hefty dilapidation charges on rented residential or commercial properties.

Original Architecture

No need to spoil natural beautiful stone & architecture with paint & primers. 

Life Sustainable

Materials and substratres live longer when biological growths have been removed.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Prevention is better than cure and is easier and cheaper to maintain as part of a regular program.

Maximize Protection

With breathable waterproofers and sealers, your property can repel water to stop absorbtion.