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We can restore your tired, dirty looking render back to its original look and colour through the simple process of softwashing. Proportionally pumping biocidal treatments at tap pressure kills off algae and other bacteriors which cause external surfaces to discolour

Render Softwash

Render Softwash is the process of cleaning external surfaces and buildings without potentially damaging high-pressure techniques. It is long lasting and safe for the environment.

Pumped through hoses allows for MitieClean operators clean render from the safety of the ground using low pressure equipment to effectively clean and treat exterior surfaces using chemicals fully approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

We are pioneers of softwashing in Barrow-in-Furness and are becoming the number one name for external cleaning with our low risk, high performance cleaning techniques.

Various render cleans 😍 ...

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Predator Gutter Vacuum sucking debris vertically 3 storeys, demonstrating it’s suction power which makes light work of cleaning gutters ...

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Return blackened playgrounds back to their original colour and appearance ...

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Roof Clean ...

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Roof Clean ...

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Dashing Clean ...

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Starting off our render cleaning season at the Station Inn in Oxenholme, Kendal. Refreshing this public house, removing rust stains and full biocidal clean ...

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Full property valet completed, returning this tired looking property back to its original look ...

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Roof clean. Completed ...

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This customer was most pleased having his garden ornaments restored 🤭😂 ...

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Slate roof steam cleaned from ground level using telescopic reach and wash systems ...

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When you’ve got a steep roof, and no access for a cherry picker but you still want a clean roof… ...

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    Render softwash Render softwash

    Our Approach

    All render cleans follow an interchangeable 3 step process

    If contaminated with moss, the operator will gently steam away growths to prevent absorption any biocides using steam at 150°C. We then treat the surface with an SH biocide, which is highly effective at killing algae and other microorganisms that have colonised the render.

    Left to dwell for up to an hour, the biocides breakdown bacteria’s and start to drop off the wall. Multiple applications, steamed off at pressure between applications reduce staining layer by later.

    Occasionally, some discolouration may linger where biofilms have been allowed to dwell in the porosity but will drop off gradually over the next couple of weather cycles.

    The standard of the work carried out was exceptional. The property now looks brand new! Extremely satisfied!

    Ralph Spours

    Estate Agent

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    Benefits Of Cleaning your building

    We take pride in perfection; pride by producing a first-quality service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Extended Roof Life

    Moss can bore through granite while debris can cause water ingress & severe problems.

    Damage Control

    Avoid hefty dilapidation charges on rented residential or commercial properties.

    Original Architecture

    No need to spoil natural beautiful stone & architecture with paint & primers. 

    Life Sustainable

    Materials and substratres live longer when biological growths have been removed.

    Avoid Costly Repairs

    Prevention is better than cure and is easier and cheaper to maintain as part of a regular program.

    Maximize Protection

    With breathable waterproofers and sealers, your property can repel water to stop absorbtion.