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    Renovation. restoration. conservation.

    Restoring properties
    for the future


    We've invested in the very best of technology which provides the very best of results. With equipment ready to go with a turn of a key.


    Operating at temperatures up to 150°c allows MitieClean to strip off contaminants delicately using steam powered technology


    What differentiates us from the competition is that we can draw upon 100 years experience, skills & knowledge from the historic building environment.


    We expect our cleaning services to last 10 years but we will guarantee 3 on facade and roof surfaces, subject to local environment,


    Paint Removal Services

    Paint removal is a specialist restoration service not for the faint-hearted. We personally think many a masonry looks better without a lick of paint, so we help customers reveal the hidden history under the paintwork. In other occasions we are removing the cracks and ‘blown’ parts or entire sections and facades to improve preparation work.

    Often old coatings need to be removed in order for new active-breathing paint systems to ensure their function. If you need full & proper adhesion of your new paint to your substrate then removing all existing paintwork is the proper way to do the job & we can help you do this in whole or in part.

    If your paint is only a couple of layers thick, then removing the paint is relative ease but if you’re already a few generations thick, then now is a good time to think about not adding more to it, as it becomes a lot more difficult and expensive to remove when the inevitable task eventually presents itself in your buildings lifetime.

    MitieClean use the most delicate and non-abrasive paint removal techniques available using methods specified in heritage conservation so residents and homeowners can be assured their properties are in delicate hands.

    Get in touch with MitieClean for consultation and to book an onsite trial. We can work around you and any existing contractors to help regenerate your property back to its best.

    Work We've Done

    We are growing in popularity across West Cumbria for our high access facade cleaning services, expertly done with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

    M Sport, Cockermouth

    We cleaned deep into the substrate to strip back the dacades of biofilms growing beneath the surface, coaxing it out application after application to restore this K Rend building to its best possible condition.

    West Lakes Academy, Egremont

    A gigantic and superficial clean at WLA, removing organic matter with super boom cherry pickers, operating in tight spaces to deliver on promises. A variation in methodology due to extreme August heatwave still getting it done.

    West Lakes Academy

    Hayes Distribution Centre, Kendal

    We played our part by using super heated water to remove sections and areas of paint, many layers thick without any chemical assistance. Cleaned and then coated with a fungicidal treatment to ensure best surface for repainting.

    What We Do

    We clean driveways, cladding, facades, roofs & more at MitieClean. We use superheated water systems to delicately clean and restore buildings of any size.


    Graffiti Removal

    Graffiti breeds graffiti - Stop graffiti before it starts

    Gutter Cleaning

    Annual maintenance of your gutters keeps water flowing towards drains and not down cavities

    Roof Cleaning Services

    Roof Cleaning

    Moss can bore through granite while debris can cause water ingress but once cleaned, look awesome and make your property look well maintained.

    Stone Cleaning

    Stone Cleaning

    Operating at temperatures as high as 150°c at operating as low as tap pressure, we can delicately remove surface contaminants.

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    MitieClean provided a professional service from start to finish. Did the work when they said they would and done a fabulous job.

    Julie Davenport

    Holker ESTATES

    I would highly recommend MitieClean, the standard of work from Mike and his team is to a very high standard and was carried out with no disruption to the site.

    Alan Mullen


    The standard of work carried out was exceptional. The property now looks brand new! Extremely Satisfied

    Ralph Spours


    I’ve just had my patios cleaned today and I can honestly say that my flags have never looked as clean for years they’ve come up brilliantly. *****

    Julie Clarke


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