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The professional choice for gutter clearing & uPVC cleaning services.

When it comes to maintaining a property, regular cleaning and maintenance tasks are necessary to ensure that it stays in prime condition. One often overlooked area that can cause significant damage to your property if neglected is your gutter system. If gutters are left unattended for extended periods, debris and leaves can accumulate, causing water to overflow and damaging your property’s roof, foundation, and walls.

That’s why it’s essential to seek professional gutter cleaning services and ensure that regular maintenance tasks are carried out. MitieClean is a highly skilled and professional company that specializes in providing high-level gutter cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed cutting-edge techniques and technologies that enable us to carry out our services safely and efficiently.

At MitieClean, we understand that maintaining regular gutter cleaning services is critical in preventing significant water damage from overflowing gutters. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art high-powered vacuum systems and telescopic tubing that allow us to clear gutters safely and effectively from the ground- without using ladders to undertake the work.

Our services include high-access gutter unblocking services and uPVC cleaning services for residential properties and businesses throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, and surrounding areas. If you require assistance with full and overflowing gutters, MitieClean is available to help. We are fully equipped to work on the first visit, with generators for electricity and minimum human interaction as required, prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our clients and team members. Don’t let ineffective gutter systems put your property in danger- Reach out to MitieClean today for high-quality and reliable gutter cleaning services.

Van Mounted Equipment

We’ve invested in the very best of technology which provides the very best results. With equipment ready to go with the turn of a key.

Super Heated Services

Operating at temperatures up to 150°c allows MitieClean to strip off contaminants delicately using steam powered technology.

Gutter Vacuum

15m Access
From Ground Level

Frequently Asked Questions

We clean everything that you need

Thank you for considering our services. We recommend checking out our FAQ page for answers to common questions about our services and policies. Our team has carefully crafted this section to provide clarity and valuable insights. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you make an informed decision.

Biofilms are complex structures that develop gradually on the surfaces of various materials, including walls, floors, and other objects. They are formed as a result of contaminations caused by different microorganisms such as mould, algae, moss, bacteria, and lichens. These microorganisms combine to form web-like structures that create red, black, or green streaks and patches on the surface.

Biofilm growth is promoted by mild, damp conditions, as well as the presence of nutrients and salts. They can be especially challenging to remove, requiring specialized treatments to eliminate them entirely. To prevent the formation and growth of biofilms in your living or working environment, it is essential to take proactive measures. Environmental factors such as the proximity of trees and vegetation, the amount of shade, and natural light can also contribute to the growth and flourishing of biofilms. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain optimal hygiene to avoid the formation and growth of these challenging structures.

Getting your render professionally treated and cleaned can prolong its life and prevent longterm damage caused by the living biofilm on the surface. Neglected render can crack and require professional care or replacement. It is recommended to have your render cleaned professionally to restore its original color and increase curb appeal. Not only is render cleaning a cheap and highly effective alternative to painting, but it also prevents the biofilm from striking through the paint. Regular treatment and cleaning of render will keep it free of organic biofilm caused by unsightly discoloration, resulting in an attractive and valuable asset.

Our render cleaning process follows the softwashing technique for deep cleaning and treatment without any damage. It has been observed that using a high-pressure jetwash, for pressure washing of render, can cause severe long-term damage resulting in continued contamination. The reason being, it does not remove the living biofilm, instead, it spreads the spores around. Our professional render cleaning process ensures restoring the render’s original state while caring for it and without causing any harm. The cleaning process is designed to reach and clean difficult areas effectively without the need for scaffolding, using high-reach poles. After preparing the walls and their surroundings, a biocide treatment is applied to eliminate the organic biofilm, followed by rinsing the dead spores with low-pressure hot water and steam. These methods are thoroughly researched and are proven to be safe and efficient. The before and after pictures depicted on our website provide a clear understanding of the effectiveness of our methods.

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Attention to details & a 99.99% spotless guarantee is what makes MitieClean different from other cleaning companies.


Blocked Gutters is #1 Cause of Damp

Blocked gutters are often the sole reason, or the main reason properties suffer from damp. If your gutters are overflowing onto the pathways, it’s also highly probable that rainwater is leaking down the cavity and into the building, which can put the structural integrity of a property at risk.

Causes of Blocked Gutters

Many property homeowners often wonder how their gutters become blocked in the first place when they have no overhanging trees. Oftentimes, its birds that drop twigs, sticks and alike from the ridge, that then lands into the gutter channels. After a long enough period, grass and plant life grow in eventually grow into a blockage.

Preventative Measures

Hedgehog gutter brushes are long bristle brushes which fit inside gutter channels to prevent leaves, twigs and moss from filling your gutter channels and reduce how often you need to maintain your gutters. If you’re looking for a professional contractor to supply and install gutter hedgehogs, then contact MitieClean.

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