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MitieClean, based in Barrow-in-Furness, is a professional residential and commercial gutter cleaning company offering high-access gutter unblocking services to residential properties and businesses of Cumbria, Lancashire and surrounding areas.

We use the most powerful (electric) gutter cleaning machine, guzzling 10,000 litres of air per minute, which allows our operators to clear even the heaviest of debris while standing safely on the ground without the need for expensive access equipment.

If your gutters are full and overflowing, then MitieClean are available to assist.

Our unique online pricing calculator gives our customers instant and transparent prices to get their gutters cleaned, and booking can be done in just a couple of clicks.

High Powered Vacuums

Safety & efficiency is paramount to a cost effective gutter cleaning service, our high level vacuums reach hard to access areas.

Ladderless Systems

We refrain from using ladders where possible to conduct all our services with HSE approved methods.

Instant Prices

Self assess your gutter cleaning requirements by inputting the total meterage of gutter channels you need cleaning & if you’re happy then book and schedule at checkout.

Gutter Cleaning

From £25

Get your gutters expertly sucked off by our 10,000 litre per minute gutter gobbler. 10% deposit secures your booking.

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Attention to details & a 99.99% spotless guarantee is what makes MitieClean different from other cleaning companies.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your cleaning requests

Blocked Gutters is #1 Cause of Damp

Blocked gutters are often the sole reason, or the main reason properties suffer from damp. If your gutters are overflowing onto the pathways, it’s also highly probable that rainwater is leaking down the cavity and into the building, which can put the structural integrity of a property at risk.

Causes of Blocked Gutters

Many property homeowners often wonder how their gutters become blocked in the first place when they have no overhanging trees. Oftentimes, its birds that drop twigs, sticks and alike from the ridge, that then lands into the gutter channels. After a long enough period, grass and plant life grow in eventually grow into a blockage.

Preventative Measures

Hedgehog gutter brushes are long bristle brushes which fit inside gutter channels to prevent leaves, twigs and moss from filling your gutter channels and reduce how often you need to maintain your gutters. If you’re looking for a professional contractor to supply and install gutter hedgehogs, then contact MitieClean.

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Less water consumption (per minute) than other professional contractors

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Maximimum operating temperature for cleaning & coatings removal

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Cheaper than other local professional contractors & fully transparent with prices

I’ve just had my patios cleaned today and I can honestly say that my flags have never looked as clean for years they’ve come up brilliantly. The lad was friendly obliging and proficient. I can definitely recommend this company and I would have them again.

Julie Clarke


Here is some our frequently asked questions

Feel free to ask us any questions we haven’t answered here!

Every job is different and we aim to get the job completed on the day (depending on area size) We may have to return to your property to re-sand and seal if required. We aim to complete every job within a week (weather dependent)

Every job is different. We recommend cleaning your driveway & patios every one to two years to keep them in great condition.

We will not beat quotes from other driveway cleaning companies, but we may match them providing the quotation was realistic and reasonable. Our policy is fair price for work carried out to the highest standard of work.

There is lots of reasons why you should hire Barrow Blasters to clean your driveways and patios. If you have tried cleaning your own driveway and patio you will know how messy and time consuming it can become. The machinery we use is built to tackle the toughest of jobs in a safe manner. The results we can achieve is significantly better than those that are achieved with a domestic pressure washer.

All of our machinery is manufactured by Honda or Restorative Techniques. These tools are the best of the best, and the results we can achieve is flawless. You will love the results.

We offer a maintenance treatments program to keep moss, algae and weeds away for a minimum of 3 months. Once your driveway is clear of moss and weeds we recommend 2-4 treatments per year to keep areas perpetually clean. 

Yes & no. We only use chemicals to clean to expedite the cleaning processes on an adhoc basis. Pressure washing alone will not always bring the best results so we may choose chemicals if deemed necessary

As part of driveway and patio cleaning services, using bespoke chemicals and pressure cleaning techniques, we are able to remove most oil stains from concrete, tarmac, stone, block paving and paving slabs. Oil stain removal can be done at any time after a spill. High pressure washing alone will not remove oil stain. It is a combination of a number of our techniques to remove as much as physically possible. Whilst we are generally able to remove the oil stain completely, we make you aware that 100% removal can not be guaranteed.

Yes we require water. Ideally an outside water tap. If you do not have an outdoor tap, we may have to use an indoor tap.

Yes all of Barrow Blasters cleaning staff are fully trained to use our cleaning machinery and chemicals.

Yes. We are fully insured for your complete peace of mind.

Of course. We wouldn’t be a very good cleaning company if we left your areas dirty. All areas are thoroughly cleaned as standard.

Yes we can. Yet, the weather can have a massive impact on cleaning block paving or decking. Cleaning a deck area is not a problem but it needs to be warm and dry to re-treat it. Block paving is very similar, the actual cleaning is not an issue. The area has to be dry in order for the fresh sand to drop into the joints, you don’t get much chance through the winter. If the area is damp, the sand won’t fill the joints leading to open gaps and potential shifting blocks. As a guideline, decking is best cleaned and treated from mid April through to early September. Block paving is best done from late March until end September (weather permitting)

We excel in removing stains where general cleaners cannot.

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