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We are a visionary & pioneering Cumbrian company operating in a highly specialised cleaning niche, restoring and regenerating buildings of all shapes and sizes. From the basics to the big stuff, we will handle any bespoke request.  We want to keep in touch with residential cleaning and have developed a system to simplify how we work with our customers. A £10 deposit filters the time wasters and our quote builder gives complete transparency on how we build our prices. Simply add your services to your basket, book and we will do the rest!



Booking blind is not asking us to come and look, or booking on the phone 🙂

External Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning
From green to clean in less than 90 minutes!
Gutter Clearing
Clear your gutters channels of moss and debris
Power Washing 🔥
Hot power washing services & surface restoration
Soft Washing
Keep surfaces perpetually clean with periodical treatments
uPVC Cleaning
Back to new uPVC steam cleaning services
Window Cleaning
Original price was: £30.00.Current price is: £25.00.
30 minutes of ladderless purified window & door cleaning

Bundle Offers

Bio Wash 🆕
For perpetual cleanliness of your property with no mechanical action. Cheap, long alternative to steam cleaning. Perfect for applying on new roofs to prevent discolouration.
Render Cleaning
Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £200.00.
Includes: Gutters Clearing, uPVC Cleaning, Render/Dash/Masonry Clean, Front or Back Hot Power Wash (Any size)
Roof Cleaning
Original price was: £500.00.Current price is: £400.00.
Includes: Chimney & Roof Steam Clean, Gutter Clearing, uPVC Cleaning, Conservatory Cleaning, Front or Back Hot Power Wash
Terrace Bundle
Original price was: £225.00.Current price is: £150.00.
Includes: Gutters Clearing, uPVC Cleaning, Window Cleaning, 2 Hrs Hot Power Wash , Perimeter Walls + BAC50 biocide

Coating Removal

Oil Removal
Paint Removal
Rust Removal


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Frequently Asked Questions


The honest answer is that were just too busy or wet to confirm to the thousandth person, yes we can it, and its £ much! The website will request all the information we need, you can book and then just leave the rest to us. You receive email notifications along the way and you can ring our office on 01229 314191 for assurances. 

Our online pricing calculator works on blind faith, we trust you will assemble your cleaning package by correctly clicking all the relevant boxes to build your quotation. We honour all correctly submitted job descriptions booked on our system, no questions asked. We don’t charge by how dirty the surface is, we come to clean at the blind price agreed based on the law of average and goodwill of our customers.

All bookings sync directly to our calendar, so we always know who has booked what & when for. It generates all the necessary paperwork, nothing ever gets wet, lost, forgotten, one click and its loaded into the sat nav ready to go. Its administration heaven for us, and we pass this overhead saving directly back to the customers with our high quality low cost cleaning services.

Sure. Our telephones lines are open between 7:00-8:00 / 13:00 to 20:00 and all day weekends. We will return any missed calls as we can.

It depends on the size of the job. But no longer than we need to be. We don’t stop for brews every 5 minutes and we crack on even if its raining. 

We pride ourselves on how good our results are and how long they last. We use only premium chemicals and equipment to clean deep below the surface. We break the reproductive cycle of all biofilms leaving a sterile surface to ensure maximum longevity. 

We do & we don’t.

Sometimes just using hot pressurised water is enough to for a quick result on most surfaces. Other times the use of chemicals is essential. 

If you only have a cold power washer, you are barely even cleaning the surface let alone giving the surface a thorough clean. You will know it is extremely slow, dirty and time consuming task. We are probably 5x faster (if not more), and our finished result is cleaner, more impressive which lasts longer. 

Cleaning properties
for the future

Renovation. restoration. conservation.


We've invested in the very best of technology which provides the very best of results. With equipment ready to go with a turn of a key.


Operating at temperatures up to 150°c allows MitieClean to strip off contaminants delicately using steam powered technology.


What differentiates us from the competition is that we use patented heritage sector equipment and methodology for a safe delicate clean.


With our sales & admin on autopilot, we pass this overhead saving to our customers for real value savings for ad hoc cleaning services

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