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Work We've Done

We are growing in popularity across Cumbria for our high access facade cleaning services, expertly done with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Wilsons Monument, Ulverston

Wilsons Monument erected by daughter Anne c1900 has been restored to its maximum for free by MitieClean in approx 40 hours. This marble monument looks sort out of out place now it stands clean and bright to be enjoyed by all young and old.

Marsh House, Ulverston

We done a Top Notch job transforming over 1500m2 of moss laden roof in a week, along with the grounds power washing and biocide treatments to keep clean for years. 2 simultaneous hot systems turned this round with minimal disruption

Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness

As part of Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zone, conservation required all existing paint to be removed. We persisted through sub zero temperatures to delicately and swiftly in just 2 weeks to the surprise and delight of those concerned.

M Sport, Cockermouth

We cleaned deep into the substrate to strip back the dacades of biofilms growing beneath the surface, coaxing it out application after application to restore this K Rend building to its best possible condition.

West Lakes Academy, Egremont

A gigantic and superficial clean at WLA, removing organic matter with super boom cherry pickers, operating in tight spaces to deliver on promises. A variation in methodology due to extreme August heatwave still getting it done.

West Lakes Academy

Hayes Distribution Centre, Kendal

We played our part by using super heated water to remove sections and areas of paint, many layers thick without any chemical assistance. Cleaned and then coated with a fungicidal treatment to ensure best surface for repainting.

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