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We build for a greater future success

Vision, Fortitude, Beyond Expectation & Growing

We take great pride in our strides since our humble beginnings. Continually reinvesting while developing the business to offer a complete service unique like no other.

Award winning cleaning & maintenance

Barrow born & Independent company

8 man strong full time army

Fast & reliable services

Innovative & contemporary


NOV 2019

Starting as a window cleaning sole trader, we started at the very bottom simply cleaning gutters & windows, conservatories etc


A pandemic laden 2020 was no good for a young MitieClean, but by lockdown 2.0 our name boosted by covid sanitisation services throughout Barrow.


Incorporating as Allmitie Limited we've grown our team, fine tuned our processes, bought world class equipment & excelled in our niches, increasing sales by 600%

Starting from scratch and against all expectations we have grown our business the hardest possible way. Restricted and buoyed by pandemics we are now established and trusted to diversify our portfolio to offer commercial customers an efficient service. Not content with our remarkable achievements we are determined to take this company to the very top, staging out our development year by year.

We’re setting new standards for outside spaces & we do it from top to bottom. We’re going to explore (and excel in) all forms of cleaning in years to come. Working outside in as we bring in new people developing age old ideas.

This is our story and we are happy to share it with you..

Who We Are

We are a dynamic group of unassuming individuals from all walks of life, coming together, inspired by the direction of the company to create bigger and better futures for all of those that belong.


To constantly seek out and excel in niches and interests while retaining consistency in the delivery of our high quality services. Investing and development of staff, equipment and company growth.


We want to become the biggest and the best at what we do. Exploring all opportunities and avenues to become a nationally recognised brand, and hopefully, institution.

MitieClean provided a professional service from start to finish. Did the work when they said they would and done a fabulous job.

Julie Davenport

Holker Estates

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your roofing problems.

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