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‘Not enough brains to fill a thimble’– readers give their thoughts on vandalism at Walney community centre

READERS have given their thoughts on an issue that lead to a community leader warning that he may shut a publicly owned centre after a spate of vandalism has undone thousands of pounds worth of improvements.

Cllr Des Barlow, who has been involved in the North Scale Community Centre on Walney for more than 30 years, has begun to question ‘whether it has all been worth it’ after vandals spray-painted the letters ‘NGAB’ on shutters. Police said are investigating the issue.

Recently thousands of pounds has been put in to refurbish the community-run hall and play area which houses local dance groups and many other locally run organisations.

It was built by the people of North Scale and it is maintained by them.

It is not owned by the council and relies solely on the people of the area

This is what our readers had to say about the matter:

Andy Blythe said: “They obviously can’t spell bang properly.”

Bob Tyler said: “I think that perhaps Barrow council need to take possession of the hall and grounds.

“They can use funds/apply for funds to improve this community asset and it’s security.

“Motion cameras that take photos when activated would be a positive move.

“North scale has a varied population and it would be great to see the council tax paid not just benefit other parks within the area.

“The date has just passed but there is nothing stopping then either Barrow council or the North Scale residents association from applying to the Walney Wind Farm Fund.

“They could put together a good bid for a share of the yearly money in that fund to improve the facility.”

Jade Fury said: “MitieClean are offering to rid the community of vandalism free of charge if anyone should need their help.”

John Lamb said: “Whoever is responsible obviously hasn’t got enough brains to fill a thimble.”

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