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Cleaners taking on coronavirus

A cleaning company has found itself on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus after setting up last year.

Mitieclean, in Barrow, was originally established by Mike Fury in November as a window cleaning company

However, he soon realised there was a niche to be filled in the area cleaning roofing and rendering.

In recent weeks the business has pivoted again as it has carried out an increasing amount of work to deep clean hospitality businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When the pandemic happened customers began requesting that we started doing Covid sanitising,” said Mike.

The business has invested in a fogging machine which Mike says can sanitise large areas relatively quickly.

The machine uses an antibacterial virucide which can be sprayed on surfaces and kills viruses in around an hour.

Mike said the fogging machine could clean large areas much faster than using cloths and antibacterial sprays.

“It works like an e-cigarette and atomizes it into a mist,” said Mike.

“We have to wear respirators when we are doing it.

“It can take a few minutes and you can walk in and use the room without a respirator within about an hour.”

Earlier this month the business carried out the operation at the Derby Inn, in Barrow, which asked to be deep cleaned following rumours someone with Covid-19 had been a customer.

The pub is now fully reopen for business.

Mitieclean, which has two full time members of staff, is also carrying out regular cleaning of rooms for Escape Hotels, on the town’s Lawson Street.

“When someone checks out we give the room a clean to make sure it is sanitised for the next guest that comes in,” said Mike.

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