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Barrow’s MitieClean is help to eliminate Coronavirus

MEET the team who made it their mission to keep their community clean through the Covid lockdown.

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MitieClean was set up one year ago by Michael Fury, 34, from Barrow as a cleaning service that specialises in render & roof cleaning.

Born in St Helens, Michael now lives in Barrow with his fiancée, Jade and three children.

However, once the lockdown struck the community, the team began offering an extra service to provide deep cleans for parks & bus stops.

They also cleaned for Barrow raiders free of charge.

Michael said: “We are always looking to give back with our work.

“At the beginning of the lockdown our work dried up really quickly. It was understandable as people were very cautious about having other people in their homes.

“Since we have a sponsorship with Barrow Raiders, we offered to clean their premises, and now we are doing a lot of pubs as well.

“It helps keep people safe and just gets us all through this.

“We have three on the team. We were planning to expand after Christmas but now we are going to wait to see how the world goes before we do that now.

“Because of the virus we ended up being popular for the right and wrong sort of reasons. We wish it wasn’t there, but it gives us a chance to help others.”

MitieClean’s nominator credits the company for going the extra mile for others and its outstanding service.

They said: “At the beginning of lockdown in March they took it upon themselves to sanitise parks & bus stops just to do their bit.

“They deep cleaned & sanitised Barrow raiders free of charge because they are aware it’s a big part of our community & since then have gone on to sanitise various different businesses from small independent retailers & gyms that can’t afford to close to large companies, offices, schools and nurseries.

“Michael and his team know just how important it is to do their best to help towards keeping everyone safe.

“He has had emergency phone call outs in the middle of the night when someone has needed deep cleaning services and as early as 4.30 in the morning and am has even travelled as far as Preston.

“The team is fantastic!”

MitieClean are located at 13 Croslands Park Road, Barrow, close to Furness Rugby Club.

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