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Barrow’s MitieClean awarded Best Newcomer Business of 2021

A SUCCESSFUL Barrow business has been named as the Best New Business in 2021.

MitieClean, based in Barrow, is an award-winning company that specialises in work that encompasses building cleaning.

Starting from humble beginnings in 2019, the business has seen significant success during the Covid lockdown and was named as Best New Business at the UK Enterprise awards 2021 by SME News.

Set up by founder Michael Fury, the team began by cleaning homes during Covid, has managed to expand their team and plan is planning to bring in new services in the future.

Michael said: “Things have been very good for us and we’re really grateful for everyone who has supported us and helped us grow during this time.

“We were so happy to win the award from SME as Best New Coming Business.

“It was because that we had to grow in very turbulent times during our first year of business.

“That was also the lockdown so things weren’t as easy as we hoped.

“In the end Covid really turned things around for us and we came flying into this year.

“Flying out of the blocks.

“We were once a one-man band and now there are seven of us.

“The award was for the progress we were making as a business in these challenging times.

“Not only that but our portfolio has expanded and we aren’t just about cleaning buildings.

“We offer conservation and construction work for roofs, as well as cleaning. We offer both sides.

“People might not know that services like this exist so we wanted to get out there and let them now.

“People won’t have to buy a new roof when they can have it cleaned by us.

“We like to consider ourselves unique after we spotted the niche market.

“MitieClean wants to get out there and if the jobs right we’ll do it anywhere.

“We’ve been in Penrith for the last three weeks and we’re proving really popular out there right now.”

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